Thursday, April 21, 2011

The divers: your turn to post!

Today I’m going to do something a little different. I don’t think there is a single football fan out there that tolerates diving. We all agree that it ruins the game and that it has become so familiar in the game that we’ve almost accepted it as part of it. Some of the biggest names in world football today are seen going to ground easily and feigning injury – including players that don the shirts of the clubs we support. Usually we shrug it off and sometimes even laugh at it, but it's quite shameful. If the decision goes your team’s way, there’s always a little bit of bitterness at the back of your mind despite the outcome being in your favor.

So, just for fun, I would like you to post on the comments area some videos of incidents (one incident only per video, but you can post numerous videos) of players that dive. I’ll start off with a few big name players that dive. Some of these players are supposedly “clean” players that don’t dive (ha!) and most of these are in the Premier League. Enjoy them, and looking forward to your posts and videos!

P.S: please avoid the diving compilation videos. 

Here are mine:
Thierry Henry:
Lionel Messi:
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Wayne Rooney:
Andres Iniesta:
Steven Gerrard:
Didier Drogba & Jens Lehmann:


  1. Can't look for the videos (im still at work) but im sure its realllllyy easy to find diving videos for

    1. Sergio Busquets
    2. Angel Di Maria

    Embarrassing really!

  2. Can't be bothered to look for videos :P

    Pires was pretty good.
    Eboue (goes down as if he's shot even when there's no contact)
    Gerrard is an artist
    Drogba is a Diva
    Rooney against Arsenal (still gutted that it stopped our unbeaten run)

    Nani this weekend

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  4. It looks like the premier league is blessed with a lot of potential actors, I will chip in with those videos : one smart Chilean guy, and the masters of diving, no contest what so ever, the Italians:

    The players wins the foul lol:

    Ravanelli in a PSG-OM:

    De Rossi:

    And the best one is Gilardino:

    Unfortunately players diving and pretending to be hurt happens now at every game (the worst I’ve seen this year is the Madrid-Barcelona in Copa del ray). If we want to stop these behaviors, it’s pretty easy, all the national committee have to do is to suspend the players after the games, like they do now when they see a really bad behavior from the player (spit/kick/punch or even saying “fuck” on the camera ;)…etc)

    But my guess is that they don’t want to make it disappear, just like the bad decisions of referees that changes games. It’s the beauty of football, one of the things that only football brings: controversies

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