Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bring back Football!

The Football season is about to begin and with that, I’m glad to be back writing again as these past 2 months of hell are almost over. I haven’t written on a regular basis lately because it’s not our season. Summer is usually a time for relaxation, beaches, partying and a whole bunch of other activities which take up the bulk of our time; but for Football fans it’s a time of reflection, emptiness and rumors that have no end. This summer has been even more painful to bear for Football fans, because it’s a year that ends with an odd number, meaning we didn’t really have a major international tournament to keep us at the very least entertained. Three events did try their best to keep us gulping at the prospect of Football – The Copa America, The Women’s World Cup and The transfer rumors.

For some, maybe the Copa America was good enough entertainment, but I think that the tournament, like all other international tournaments as well, is losing its charm. When once upon a time it was viewed as a stepping stone for many of Latin America’s footballers, now it’s seen as just a prolongation of an already tiring season for the players that are based in Europe. More and more players (and fans) are demonstrating more commitment and pride supporting their Clubs than their countries is the evidence in point. This tournament, in my opinion, despite the quality players that play in it, is boring, lacks attractiveness (unless you’re from South America) and doesn’t really provide us with much entertainment (Paraguay reaching the final without even winning a match – ha!). It’s also a tournament that proves how some players (Messi…) aren’t capable of lifting their national teams on their shoulders and that their club form is actually thanks to their team-mates and not the individual brilliance which is supposedly portrayed. Verdict: Not good enough.

The Women’s World cup, for all its highs, positivity and supposed entertainment, will never be near the men’s World Cup in terms of entertainment, quality or atmosphere. This year the crowds were larger than ever and so was the following on Live television – I believe that’s mainly got to be thanks to the incredible German stadiums (didn’t feel like writing Stadia this time). But despite that, it doesn’t get our blood pumping and screaming at our screens. One thing I did notice though during the WWC is that some of the ladies out there have proven to be tougher than their male counterparts when they’re being pushed or kicked; at least they don’t go down pretending to be shot at every possible chance (Sergio Busquets, I’m looking at you). Verdict: Fun, maybe for some, but definitely not good enough to catch all our attention.

The bloody transfer window. The reason this period frustrates me more than any other period is that not only are we stuck without Football during this specific phase but also, we have to listen to, read and wonder about stories which 90% of the time never come true (can someone please tell me when was the last time in Football history a SWAP deal was performed successfully?) and are most probably created by people are in dire need just need to sell a story. This imaginary window in which all the clubs seem to look through in order to destabilize players and to try and poach players from one another is one that I find sometimes truly annoying. New signings are very exciting for all teams involved, but I for one cannot be bothered to read another story about Fabregas crying about wanting to join Barca (every year, really?), or Man United’s apparent desperation for a central midfielder, or Tevez wanting to be with his family, or Arsenal not signing anyone (and that’s just English related news). All will be sorted out in the coming weeks, so there’s no need for the load of nonsense that the media are trying to feed us with. Verdict: Doesn’t matter, the window is about as fun as watching paint dry. I hate it.

This article is to vent and to show just how annoying the off-season is for Football fans (or just me). We just want the leagues to start again, the chants, the rivalries, the goals, the tackles, the passes, the red cards, the yellow cards, the fights, the controversy…it’s only a few weeks away and I can’t bloody wait! Bring back Football!

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