Monday, August 22, 2011

Jose Mourinho moments

Jose Mourinho has never been far from controversy and last week he continued that trend during the Super Copa Final with his now famous “poke”. He’s never been a very popular figure amongst opposing fans and has always been able to grab the media attention.

Slick and sly, his witty arrogance is never gone unnoticed. He has always been a hate figure and it’s not difficult to see why. His teams’ style of play has always been tactically-oriented and a bit dry in comparison to others, but regardless of the style of play, as a manager, you can’t question his success.

Personally, I like Jose Mourinho. He’s managed clubs that I despise and despite that, I like him. He’s capable of pissing me off for no apparent reason that when I look back at it, I find it funny. He’s fun, he has charisma and he has balls. He says what’s on his mind regardless of the consequences and he does what he wants no matter how many people hate him for it.

Whenever Mourinho is around, we’ve come to expect something different to happen – either to anger opposing fans or just to entertain us. Hate him or love him, Football would be a much quieter place without him and now we look at 10 unforgettable Mourinho moments. These are my favorite Mourinho moments that emphasize his entertaining character and you’re welcome to leave some of yours on the comments below or on the Facebook page or wherever else.

10 - At the Camp Nou, Mourinho slaps Puyol:

9 - The 2005 Carling Cup final during Mourinho’s first season at Chelsea. Mourinho silences Liverpool’s fans:

8 - Chelsea lost the title to Manchester United in 2007, by drawing 1-1 with Arsenal at the Emirates stadium. Mourinho, in typical fashion, took the centre stage and went on the field:

7 - Mourinho, knowing he was leaving Inter Milan, following their historic treble winning season in 2009-2010, fell right into the hands of Marco Materazzi:

6 - Mourinho celebrating at Nou Camp following Inter Milan’s triumph in the semi-final versus Barcelona of the 2010 Champions League semi-finals:

5 - Mourinho when asked about the pressure on Chelsea as Manchester United closed the gap at the top of the table:

4 - When asked again about the pressure on his Chelsea team during the title race:

3 - When Mourinho was questioned about the transfer money available to Chelsea:

2 - Prior to the quarter-final clash in the Champions League, Mourinho named his entire starting 11 before Chelsea’s game versus Barca. He also named Barca’s starting 11 the day before. He got it right. For both teams:

1 - The moment that Mourinho made his name on the European stage. Beating Manchester United at Old Trafford at the last minute and running all along the touchline to celebrate. Mourinho, the character, had arrived in European Football:

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  1. really? that's one post i won't RT :P

  2. Hate him or love him, Mourinho is entertaining ;).

  3. another mourinho gem :-

  4. if u love Football, u should hate Mourinho !


  6. Yes, I understand why things had to happen this way. I understand his reason for causing me pain. But mere understanding does not chase away the hurt. It does not call upon the sun when dark clouds have loomed over me. Let the rain come then if it must come! And let it wash away the dust that hurt my eyes!