Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carlos Tevez refuses to play - what next?

Last night while Manchester City were being taught a footballing lesson by the German giants Bayern Munich, we witnessed something that, as Graeme Souness said, “makes you understand why the man on the street hates the modern footballer”. City being outplayed and outclassed required a change and took off Edin Dzeko, who himself was frustrated to come off and showed his anger upon leaving the pitch, but just as they were ready to make their second substitute to bring on Carlos Tevez, the Argentinian striker refused to come on. That’s right. Refused!

Now, this story is making headlines all over the place and rightly so, and I can’t get my head around the idea. Here is a footballer, who is reportedly the highest paid player in the Premier League and earning over £200,000/week to kick a ball and he’s refusing to do his job because he was unhappy at being on the bench in the first place supposedly. Poor man!

Every single time he’s joined a club he has sulked, pushed his way out of it and acted like a proper fool once he hits the two year mark with the club so City should have known what was coming. With Corinthians (2005 - 2006) towards the end of his time there, he refused to play in order to push his move to West Ham (sounds familiar?). At West Ham (2006 - 2007), Tevez  had a fantastic season with the Hammers only to push his way out and force a move to Manchester United. At Old Trafford (2007-2009), having lost his place in the side to Dimitar Berbatov, and despite the club meeting the valuation mark to keep him at the club, he stated that he no longer wanted to play for the club and preferred moving right across the city to Manchester City. At Eastlands (2009 -  2011?), Tevez was the key to City’s new-found success, but having lost his place to Dzeko and Aguero at different stages of his City career, handed in a transfer request and was subsequently offered a new contract to stay. Tevez expressed his love for the club (obviously, who wouldn’t love being paid £200,000/week) and said he would fulfill his contract…only to then mope again and refuse to come on as a sub in their match vs Bayern Munich almost a year later. Hmmm, where have we heard this before?

We’ve heard him complain that he’s far from his family and his daughters who are living in Argentina so he’s struggling to cope with life in England. But wait, wasn’t he on the brink of a move to Brazil in the summer? Doesn’t sound like Argentina to me. When Tevez was offered the new contract by City, the club should have known what they were getting. He was already complaining that he wanted to leave and his past has proven that he doesn’t care about the clubs he’s played for. For a player being paid that kind of money to refuse to do his job, just because he doesn’t want to (and because he’s a bit of a drama queen), just goes to show how much power the players have. With such salaries being thrown around Europe at top players to join top clubs, there was bound to be a moment in time when the player stuck the finger up his boss’ face to say he doesn’t want to do what he’s told. The thing is though that this time Manchester City can do something about it and for the first time ever, I hope they do, because it will be a message to all Footballers. City have the money that clubs around the world could only dream of having and with that comes the power to overcome the “player power” which has put Clubs at the mercy of Players.  

If they sack him, then he’ll just join another club on a free and City will make no benefit. If they decide to sell him (which they can’t now until January), no club can match the wages he has at City, so that’s non-starter. What I hope they do is stick him in the reserves or with the youth team or something like that. Maybe even loan him out to a small club in the lower leagues. Punish him and remind him that he’s under contract at the club and that with the power and money they have, they can afford to lose 200k/week while the player rots in the shadows. It wouldn't be a message to Tevez, but to all Footballers that they are employees at the end of the day. I’ve never wished more for a player to fail, be injured, be punished or completely get destroyed in the way I do for Carlos Tevez. Not only because of the way he treats the clubs he leaves, but because the t**t earns more money in a month than my entire family and probably all the readers of this blog combined, and yet he refuses to do his job, which should be a joy to do.

To watch him sulk,
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  1. Tony, that's the first time you see that in the premier league maybe, but that happens all the time in Ligue 1...

    Piquionne, Ben Arfa, Ribery, Sessegnon...

    Very sad, but there is one glimpse of hope, and it's happening in Germany.
    The clubs made an agreement to refuse to buy any player who tried to harm the team before going, here's an example of a player who stopped training with his team and that Shalke refused to proceed in the deal:

  2. Guygo, I know you wrote this :).

    I've heard it happen before for sure, but usually it's when a "small player" is leaving a "smaller club" and they start acting like children. But in this case, what's the excuse?

    The man is obviously deluded and has no sense of what he's doing.

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