Friday, October 21, 2011

Ridiculous Red Cards

Sometimes when our teams get a red card, we begin fearing the worst. We always wonder if the 10 men will be up for the challenge of being down by a man. Most times we either insult the referee and believe the decision is a stupid one (even though it might not be) or the opposing player for making the most out of the situation. There’s something so fascinating about red cards that it leaves us, the supporters, in limbo. We seem to freeze and wonder what’s going to happen next. But sometimes, in rare cases, the red card is so silly, that you just have to laugh it off. The aftermath of a red card is sometimes even funnier than the card itself. Here we have a look at 10 red cards which are either completely bizarre (and funny) or which have led to reactions that can only be described as hilarious.
1 - Paolo Di Canio
Di Canio was always a very fiery character and he showed it when he got sent off vs Arsenal in this clash in 1998. The sending off was deserved, obviously, but the best part of this whole thing is the fantastic fall by the referee when Di Canio decides to push him. It’s a classic moment of Premier League history and one that still makes any football fan laugh:  

2 - Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer
Back in March 2005, both players were playing for Newcastle United; a troubled club under the management of Graeme Souness that were struggling to find their form. In their home game against Aston Villa, they were losing 0-3 and both players were so infuriated with one another that they refused to pass the ball to each other, which ultimately led to this happening...schoolboys, take notes: 


3 - Oliver Kahn

It’s the last minute and your team is losing 3-2. Your goalkeeper comes up for the corner kick. The fans are off their seats. The goalkeeper could be the hero. Expectations rise. Everyone awaits the corner kick. All eyes are on the goalkeeper coming to save the day! Can he do it?...Nope. He’ll just punch the ball instead and get himself sent off. That’s what Oliver Kahn did in stoppage time in March 2001 when Bayern Munich were losing 3-2 to Hansa Rostock (I love the commentary):


4 - Jean-Pascal Mignot

Ever wondered how a player could get sent off without being on the pitch? Jean-Pascal Mignot of Auxerre can explain. Last minute during a Champions league group game, when your team is losing 2-1, just insult the ref and when he books you – insult him again. It’ll work like a charm:


5 - Adrian Bastia

When a streaker comes onto the pitch, usually security run after him for a while and then take him down. Sometimes, on rare occasions, it’s a player who gently convinces the fan to get off the pitch. In almost unlikely, impossible, occasions, the player kicks the fan down and gets sent off. That’s what happened with Adrian Bastia of Asteras Tripolis in their game vs Panathanaikos in November 2008:


6 - Ashley Vickers

Same as above, the only difference being that this was a non-league match and that Vickers is actually the player/manager of Dorchester at the time of this incident in their game vs Havant & Waterloo. This rugby tackle would make any scrum-half proud:


7 - Zoran Mirkovic
In a qualifying game between Serbia & Montenegro and Croatia, Zoran Mirkovic, who falls to ground easily from a “clash” with Robert Jarni, decides to show just how hurt he is…by squeezing Mirkovic’s testicles. Dumbest, and most painful, red card ever perhaps:


8 - Young kids in the USA
You've got to love "soccer". Apparently this kid got sent off, but I just thought this video was funny. Watching young Americans going at it. The future looks (or looked) bright. If they’re that committed when they’re 4 years old, they might look pretty tough at 20:



9 - Ronaldinho
Ok, it’s not a red card, but still, the ugly look on his face is priceless when the referee mistakenly takes out the red card instead of a yellow because Ronaldinho complains of an infringement in the Inter Milan wall:


10 - Yoav Ziv
Maccabi Tel Aviv's Yoav Ziv demonstrated his anger in their clash vs Stoke City when his shoe came off by kicking it at the linesman. Angry player + kicking shoe + linesman...there can only be one outcome:


  1. #1 is legendary with the referee falling :)

    How about that one, only 12seconds!

    and that one is really weird:

  2. Now we can add the Kevin-Prince Boateng red card in Milan-Roma game as he took it just after he was being substituted.

  3. I don't think anyone ever gets over anything in life; they merely get used to it.