Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Top 7 easiest players to hate

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There are some players around the world that we love to hate. Players that when we hear them speak, move or do anything on or off the pitch, we cringe to the point that we’re ready to find any means necessary to make them know that we hate them. These players are usually very colorful players on the pitch, not always, but most of them are. Football needs these kinds of characters, because without them, the game would be less entertaining. We need these players in our game to infuriate and provoke us, the fans. So I’ve come up with a list of 7 players (I don’t know why I chose 7) I believe are the most hated, colorful, and provocative players currently still around. Some of them I personally love, but I understand the hatred towards them:

Mario Balotelli (Manchester City):
Bags of talent, but I doubt there be a possibly more arrogant, provocative and dumb footballer. Whenever he’s on the field you can, and should, expect something to happen – either thanks to his talent or because of his anger management problems. Regardless, he’s a lot of fun to watch (click here). Gathering no less than £10,000 worth of parking tickets in less than a year, he’s also known to drive with £40,000 in cash at the front of  his car to show off and whenever the police asks why he has that sum of money, he simply replies “because I can”. Typical Balotelli.
Joey Barton  (QPR):
Talented, yet controversial, not only does he deserve to be on this list, but to have a list of his own offences:

- Barton jailed for six months for this act (click here).
- 10 match ban for an assault on his team mate Oussmane Dabo, leaving him unconscious.
- Punching Morten Gamst Pedersen on the chest without the ref seeing it. 3 match ban (click here).
- Put on the transfer market, for Free, by Newcastle United following comments on Twitter (I told you it'd happen right here) for criticizing the club’s board.
- Put out a cigar in a youth team player’s eye at Man. City.
- Sent home from Thailand for attacking an Everton fan as well as biting a team-mate.
- Takes down his pants and “moons” Everton fans at Goodison Park (click here).
And the list goes on and on and on…
Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
For various reasons he makes this list: cheated on his ex-wife Cheryl Cole (making him a fool), left his boyhood club Arsenal to move to their neighbors Chelsea (for money), being a generally despicable character despite his talents, but the real reason he makes this list is – he took an air rifle gun to training and actually shot a sport science student who was on placement at Chelsea. How he carried a gun to work is not even the start of a bunch of questions we could ask ourselves about the whole thing. But that alone warrants him a place on this graceful list. Wonder what would happen if any regular person did that at work…hmmm. Well, at least that incident did give us something to cheer. It provoked fans from other clubs all across the country to taunt Ashley during games last season every time he touched the ball by screaming “shoot”.

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Unquestionable talent and desire on the field, but very easily a hate figure for opposing fans. Since betraying his boyhood club by moving to Manchester United despite claiming “once a blue, always a blue”, he’s made a name for himself on the worldwide stage. Swearing endlessly at referees and during games, his off the field exploits have done him no good either. Seen smoking, urinating on the streets, sleeping with prostitutes (and grandmas apparently too), cheating on wife while she was pregnant, asking to leave Man United but then performing a miraculous U-turn (with a bumper salary to match); Rooney’s legacy will always be a bit peculiar. (I still think he's the ultimate best).
John Terry (Chelsea)
Regarded as a “lion” in defence and what not, he is easily one of the most hated players in the Premier League. He’s supposedly a “respected” character in the game. Let’s see. This is the same John Terry who harassed U.S tourists at Heathrow airport in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, who was arrested for affray, who was in the middle of a gambling scandal, who cheated on his wife with his best friend’s wife, who attacked a photographer outside a restaurant, who was found spitting on Tevez, and who is supposed to be a key figure in the “Respect campaign” for refs, but is always seen violating it.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Arguably one of the best players in the world, but probably the player most fans love to hate. His talent as a footballer is unquestionable. He will be regarded as one of the greatest because of it (and rightly so in my opinion), but for every bit of talent that Ronaldo exhibits, there’s a side of his which is frowned upon. His diving, his on-field antics, the fact that he paid the birth mother of his child to stay away, his disregard for anyone and anything that doesn’t involve him, his selfishness, his “fashion” statements, his arrogance…or as he simply says “because I am rich, handsome and a great player. People are envious of me”. (click here)

Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)

Enough said.

Honorable mentions: Dani Alves, Emmanuel Adebayor, Steven Gerrard, Antonio Cassano, Marco Materazzi.

(you probably won't agree with this list, so leave your suggestions/comments below).


  1. I will disagree on Terry for obvious reasons, and I will add: Bellamy, Robinho, and with a less importance Di Canio.

  2. would definitely like to see another list with those honourable mentions featured, as well as figo29's suggestions. interesting read

    and i too despise john terry more than any of them

  3. Robbie Savage, every time.

  4. Well, I tried not to add ex-players, because then the list would be endless. Went solely for players that currently still play. Hence why Materazzi is an honorable mention, because he's semi-retired. Otherwise he'd be pretty high up there. Will probably do another list in the future, your comments have given me ideas ;).

  5. haha gr8 article! another player to mention: Marc Van bommel!

  6. Haha!! Cant believe Joey Bartons "stats".... This guy should be top of the podium...
    I don't know if its because you're not interested in french football or if you dont think its worthwhile talking aboutbut there are some nice specimens there to...
    Just to name a few of the most hated players who passed by french clubs : Hatem Ben Arfa,
    Jerome Rothen,
    Gabby Heinze (although if he ever played for a team you support, you HAVE to love the guy)
    Mathieu Valbuena (The man who always falls)
    Alou Diarra (The man who always fails)
    Franck Ribery ( You have to understand that A LOT of french players where hated after the 2010 World Cup debacle and the bus scandle and whatnot.... And he was Frances poster boy.... Yeah i know what your thinking.... Nice face for a poster boy....)
    Enough said

  7. I don't see why anyone would hate Antonio Cassano, he's a nutcase, but he's entertaining and turned around his career admirably and worked on his anger management problem.

  8. To anonymous who wrote about french Football, it's because I'm not well-informed about French football to be able to write enough about it. But Ribery should get a mention regardless!

    Phil - That's the whole point. They are nutcases, but are still very entertaining.

  9. Just add robbie savage (total dick & falls over holding his face when you take the ball off him legitimately.) steven gerrard ( dives better than Tom Daley & can't play for England)

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