Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Football Supernova's crossbar challenge

Well, at least that's our best attempt for an amateur crossbar challenge. Few things to note when watching this video:

- This was inspired by the various crossbar challenges we've seen all around the world on various TV shows, as well as advertisements.

- The quality of the cameras are poor. These are little digital cameras. Nothing professional! So don't go expecting some super duper quality.

- This is a 6-a-side Football pitch and the shots are being taken from the halfway line.

- The editing was done by me and I'm pretty rubbish at it, hence the way it's done. For the next one though, volunteers are welcome to help out!

- The song is called "Fools Gold" by The Stone Roses. It does not belong to the blog in any way. All copyrights, rights and all legal stuff belong to The Stone Roses.

- This video was shot in Lebanon, at a field called "Shooters". For those of you in Lebanon, you should play there. Their fields are great! Their number is +961 9 222109

- This is the first episode of our crossbar challenge. I'm hoping I'll be able to do more in the future.

- This was done for the fun of it!

Enjoy it! Share it! And no need to slate it! We know it's amateur stuff!


  1. regarding the fields, how about adding a section to this blog abt the fields here in lebanon? i mean like all the fields with their contact numbers, maybe more infos abt each field such as quality, size and feedbacks regarding the pitches! would be interesting!

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