Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Football clubs musicians support

If there’s one language that breaks boundaries as much as, if not more than, Football - it’s music. Actually, I’d say it unites people a lot more than Football does, simply because I've heard the sentence “I hate Football” quite often, but never in my life have I heard someone say “I hate Music” - and if I did, I’d be questioning the sanity of the person saying it. Some of the Musicians that we've come to love and admire also happen to be big Football fans; and most of them, of clubs we support. One thing I've learnt to differentiate is between the teams that my favorite musicians support and the team that I support - I simply don't mix them; because if I hated every musician/band/artist who didn't support the same club as I do, than I'd be missing out on tons of incredible music!

So today I’ll share with you a list of artists that I've come up with. Having done some “extensive” research (i.e: using Google for long hours during a day), I was able to find some musicians - some I love, some I don't - who are also Football fans. I was lucky enough to find pictures of some of them, whereas for others it was much more difficult and there was no real evidence of them being Football fans; so I’ll leave them with a special mention at the bottom. You’ll notice that most of them support English clubs – that’s simply because the greatest musicians have either come out of the United Kingdom and/or spent a large chunk of their peak during their careers on British soil, and therefore began following English Football clubs - mainly from the regions where they grew up or lived.

(Let’s not even try and get into the debate about the greatest musicians being from the UK. It’s a fact. If you feel like disputing that we can open a debate elsewhere).

Anyways, Here are the Musicians who support Football Clubs:

Brian Johnson (AC/DC) – Newcastle United
The legendary AC/DC frontman is a “Geordie” at heart and has been since a child. He has made his love for Newcastle United very public on many occasions.


Fatboy Slim – Brighton & Hove Albion
One of the world’s most popular DJs, Quentin Leo Cook, better known by the name Fatboy Slim, is an avid Brighton & Hove Albion supporter as it’s his home town club. 

Rod Stewart – Celtic 
Despite being born and raised in London, Stewart has always been a fond follower of Celtic F.C. He also claims to have a soft spot for Manchester United as well.


Kate Perry – West Ham
I’m not sure of how she’s become a West Ham supporter. She’s American. She’s lived there her whole life. She’s only 27 years old, so she’s never really seen a time when West Ham were successful. Oh that's right...she married Russell Brand, who's a huge Hammer! Anyways, she's gained herself some respect by saying it out loud (click here) and by posing in West Ham lingerie:


Mel C – Liverpool
I feel old thinking about her. She was “Sporty spice”, a member of the ex-girl “band” (haha, band) the Spice Girls. She was the one I hated the most as a kid, simply because she always wore her Liverpool jersey everywhere.

Robbie Williams – Port Vale
Contrarily to what some believe, that Robbie Williams supports a London-based club, he’s made it very well known that he’s obsessed with his home town, Stoke-on-trent based, club. His father was a licensee of Port Vale F.C  Social club, which obviously led to Williams becoming a huge fan.

Oasis – Manchester City
Despite the fact that they are no longer together and have very publicly expressed their hatred for one another (even though they are brothers) Noel & Liam Gallagher still  regularly show and express a huge amount of love for Manchester City. They’re very noisy about that. Noisy. City fans.

Kasabian – Leicester City
Not only are they massive Leicester City fans, all four of them, but a song of theirs is played after every goal at the King Power stadium (unsure if they still do that). They’re not bad at playing Football either. Have a look at this shot by guitarist Serge Pizzorno on Soccer A.M. (click here)

Ian Brown (The Stone Roses) – Manchester United
The lead singer of The Stone Roses is one of Manchester United’s most popular fans. He’s often spotted at most home games sitting on the famous Stretford End at Old Trafford where he, apparently, has a season ticket. A famous Stone Roses song "this is the one" is always played just before the players walk out of the tunnel at Old Trafford.

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) -  West Ham
The only member of Iron Maiden who has stuck with them since the very beginning, the famous bassist has always had a West Ham United crest stuck on his bass guitar. Apparently, Harris trained for West Ham as a schoolboy and still plays Football on a regular basis.


David Gray – Man United
Despite growing up in Wales, the discreet singer and songwriter claims to be a big Manchester United supporter and goes to a few games whenever the opportunity arises.

Chris De Burgh – Liverpool
His childhood was led between Argentina, Malta, Nigeria and Zaire, as he never really settled in one country until adulthood. That didn’t stop him from becoming a keen Liverpool F.C supporter. He’s often seen at Anfield with his children, who also support the Merseyside club.


Elton John – Watford
Not only is he a huge fan of Watford F.C, but he was elected the Chairman and director of the club in 1976. However, he sold the club in 1987 and bought it back in 1997, before finally stepping down in 2002 – though he has continued as president of the club. He still contributes to the club financially and often goes to games at Vicarage Road.

Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) – Man United
Originally from Wigan, the Verve’s singer has never kept it secret that he supports Manchester United, even though he is very close friends with Manchester City fanatics, the Gallagher brothers.

Dido – Arsenal
North London born and raised, Dido (whose real name is so long I'd rather not to write it) has been an Arsenal fan since being a child. She also dated Sol Campbell for a brief period when he was at the club.

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – Wolverhampton Wanderers
I bet not many Led Zeppelin fans out there knew this about the legendary singer. He’s a huge Wolves fan. He claims to be a fan since the age of 5. In the summer of 2009, he became the club’s third Vice President and is often seen attending home matches. If you’ve don’t love Plant, you’ve got issues (expand the pic to spot the legend).

Snoop Dogg – Liverpool or Manchester United or...?
I’m not too sure about this one. Snoop Dogg once claimed to be a Liverpool supporter and was seen wearing their jersey at one of his concerts in the city. Then, he was seen doing the same in Manchester wearing a United jersey; then in Glasgow wearing a Celtic jersey; then in Barcelona…etc. Can anyone clarify this?


Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) – Manchester United
Raised in Stockport, the redhead is a fond supporter of United, as they’re not too far away from his home town (Who's the odd one out in the pic? Ah...).

Morissey (The Smiths) – Manchester United
The man, the myth, the legend. He grew up in Manchester and is apparently a big United fan. There are no sources about this, but this picture is enough for me.

Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) – Chelsea
The genius behind Blur and Gorillaz, Albarn often goes to Stamford Bridge to watch his beloved Chelsea. He’s also been seen sporting other clubs jerseys while keeping a Chelsea beanie on his head – just to remind everyone who he supports.


Michael Jackson – Exeter City
I’m pretty sure this was just a publicity stunt, but the late great Michael Jackson was named as a Club Honorary in 2002. He was seen wearing the club’s scarf a few times and sources claimed that he once said “he knows nothing about the club, but he absolutely loves it”. (click here)


Shakira – Barcelona
Besides the fact that she was dating Gerard Pique, it seems before that she was already a “cule” as that was her club of preference (apparently). Now that she’s no longer with Pique, I wonder if she still supports them.

The Beatles – Liverpool & Everton
I’ve left the best for last. Simply for one reason. There is no proof who any of them supported. I’ve read in places that McCartney supports Everton and not Liverpool. I’ve read that some of the members supported both clubs in the city. If someone can send me something about this, I’d be grateful.

Special mentions go to:
David Grohl (Foo Fighters) – West Ham
Rabih Salloum (Slutterhouse) - Real Madrid
Lilly Allen – Fulham
Cheryl Cole – Newcastle United
Julio Iglesias – Real Madrid
Luciano Pavarotti – Roma
Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) – Man United
Gavin Rossdale (Bush) – Arsenal
Sting – Newcastle United
Eric Clapton – West Bromwich Albion
Robert Smith (The Cure) – Queens Park Rangers
Slash – Stoke City
Jamiroquai – Manchester United
Keith Flint (prodigy singer) – West Ham United
Shania Twain – Tottenham Hotspurs (wait...what?!)
Chris Rea – Middlesbrough
Thom Yorke (Radiohead) – Manchester United
Bryan Adams – Chelsea
Joe Strummer (The Clash) – Chelsea
Bono – Celtic
Fran Healy (Travis) – Celtic
Arctic Monkeys – Sheffield Wednesday
Chris Martin  (Coldplay) – Exeter City 
Ozzy Osbourne – Aston Villa
Joss Stone – Liverpool
Phil Collins – Tottenham Hotspurs
Bob Marley – Tottenham Hotspurs
Jimmy Page – Chelsea
Leonard Cohen – Chelsea

(P.S: the majority of these pictures were taken from,, and a bunch of other websites - none of these pictures belong to the blog in any way. Google just helped me out and I'm not claiming the ownership of these pictures)


  1. Cool article! Also, Ray Davies (the kinks) is an avid Arsenal fan, even writing an article in The Times about them. It is said Roger Daltrey is also a fan of the same team.

    As for the fab four:
    John: not a fan
    George: not a fan
    Paul: Everton (but also LFC over time)
    Ringo: Arsenal fan in his youth

    The only serious fan I guess is McCartney:

  2. paul and george did an interview where they claimed to pay the occasional visit to goodison as kids. I heard ringo say he knew nothing at all about football. John aiso had no interest

  3. The Courteeners -Man United
    Miles Kane - Liverpool

  4. george: there are two teams in Leverpool and I prefer the other one.


  5. Ricky Wilson Kaiser chiefs singer support Leeds United

  6. Will Champion - Coldplay - Southampton Fan

  7. The Queen, John Lydon, Roger Waters & David Gilmour, Hugh Laurie, Carl Barat, Kate Beckinsale... all Arsenal.

  8. Tottenham Hotspur . . . not Tottenham Hotspurs. But, go you Spurs!

  9. kasabian also support celtic

  10. Terry Hall out of the Specials massive Red

  11. Roger Daltrey wrote a song about Highbury and performed it on the pitch. Very obvious he is a Gooner.

  12. Pavarotti (RIP) supported Juventus....

  13. Replies
    1. If i am correct, all the Rolling Stones band support Arsenal

    2. Mick Jagger is ChelseaFC supporter

    3. Mick Jagger is most definitely an Arsenal FC fan, thank you Alessandro...

  14. I highly doubt Thom Yorke is a Man United fan. He doesn't strike me as a football fan at all

  15. I heard Phil Collins is Charlton Athletic, I think I saw an old picture with a scarf. May I remember wrong

  16. Snoop is american, at home its not unusually to wear the jersey of what town you play a concert in(and who cares you know, they all go the same chants, go "whateverlocalteamname", so he dosent understand how weird it is to run around in different team jersey and how sacrilegious it is to claim you support them in Europe. The whole loyal thing is lost on americans.

  17. Mike spotted many times at Stamford Bridge . He was born in Chelsea. His family in Edith Grove. His flat in Cheyne Walk. Rolling Stoned Chelsea Boys !

  18. Mike spotted many times at Stamford Bridge . He was born in Chelsea. His family in Edith Grove. His flat in Cheyne Walk. Rolling Stoned Chelsea Boys !

    1. Born in Dartford, Him, Keith and Brian lived at Edith Grove. Kind of his family I suppose...

  19. Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.

  20. I saw Roger Daltrey fall over on stage when no one was near him so definately Arsenal. Robbie Williams prattles on about Port Vale but goes to watch Chelsea.

  21. Bob Marley was a liverpool supporter

  22. Elvis Costello is a Liverpool FC Supporter.

  23. John Lydon: Arsenal
    Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath): Aston Villa
    Barney Greenway (Napalm Death):Aston Villa (he even has the crest club
    tattoed on his calf)
    Mick Box (Uriah Heep): Tottenham
    Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest): West Bromwich Albion
    Paul Dianno (ex-Iron Maiden): West Ham United
    Clive Burr (RIP) (ex-Iron Maiden): West Ham United
    Scroobious Pip: Millwall

  24. Hi! If you're a huge football fan, you might like the following report: - I'm sure you will find what else should be added. Have a happy read!

  25. I adore Shakira, she looks fantastic! I'm happy to see her among these supporters!