Thursday, January 26, 2012


This post has nothing to do with Football. Today, I’m celebrating passing over 1000 likes on the blog’s Facebook page and for me that’s an achievement. It calls for a celebration, even of the smallest kind (just like me), because it means that the blog is doing well I suppose. Especially considering that out of the 1000 likes, only 227 of my friends like the page. But the real reason I’m excited about the 1000 likes is because it means I’ve now got enough backing to put up adverts on the blog – as you'll see starting on February 1st.

I’ve got a lot of ideas to develop the blog and hopefully with time I’ll be able to make that happen, as long as I keep getting the positive feedback and support I’ve been getting so far. It’s a long process because I do have a job like everyone else - which unfortunately has nothing to do with Football.

So, in recognition of these 1000 likes, I’m going to recommend to all of you some other stuff that some good friends of mine have created which you can find online. They have nothing to do with Football (except one), so there’s definitely something in here for everyone. I strongly advise you all to check out these other blogs, websites, artists, brands and people. All these individuals have their own things going on and are all doing a great job in their own special ways. These people are a major part of the reason I have followers and “likes”. So click on their Facebook pages and check their stuff out. They’re all worth much more than a glance or a like. They deserve our support, because these people know their material and are very talented in their own rights. I’ll give you a little insight into each one of them.

(This feels like one of those award things when the person receives an award goes on to thank the entire world. I’m doing exactly that. Also this could be perceived as kissing some peoples asses, but it's not - that happened a while back. All these people helped me boost the blog and I see no reason why I shouldn't help them boost their stuff in return)


Ramzi: My cousin has been getting rave reviews wherever he’s gone. One of the most talented people I know and gradually becoming one of the brightest up and coming R’n’B & Pop artists. (click here)

Slutterhouse: A personal favorite, their tunes can keep you dancing all night long. You should really check their music out if you want some feel good songs! Already getting loads of positive feedback from a growing fanbase. (click here)

Tree Hoppers: You can catch them at various bars around Beirut covering tunes from all generations, keep an eye out for the guitarist. A talented nutcase. (click here)

BandAge: A cover band with a singer so powerful you’ll get the goosebumps listening to her live. (click here)

JLP: A cover band with a bassist who supports Arsenal, but yet somehow he’s cool. I don’t know how that works, but it does. Great band that perform all over Beirut and gets their crowd singing. (click here)

Jim Rose Expedition: This band are French, and the singer is an incredibly talented individual who sings in pretty much every language. You'll be even more impressed if you see him perform live. (click here)

Karim Douaidy: One of those people that you just know is going to make it big sooner rather than later. Everyone and anyone should appreciate this guy’s music. When he makes it big, you'll say you heard it here first. (click here)

Green Wing Bird: A blog that includes a bunch of unheard songs from the past and the present. Still relatively new and will only get bigger with time: (click here)


Let’s Talk about movies: The ultimate movie blog. Covering movies from all decades, this guy knows more about movies than you know about yourself. I can never say that enough because it’s true. You have to check it out for yourself to believe it. (click here)

Beirut, I love you: A TV show which stars a bunch of my friends. Not only is it a great show, but the way it has grown over the past year is admirable as they've made it all on their own. A must watch for all Lebanese. You can stream the show online. (click here)

Cinemoz: Free movies and a CEO that looks like Don Draper. If ever we needed a reason to believe in the future of Arab movies online, this is it. (click here)


Jasmine Jewellery: My cousin all the way in Canada has her own jewelry brand which she makes all by herself! (click here)

Don’t Switch Me Off: Quite possibly, and probably, the coolest t-shirts ever. I've seen how much hard work goes into this from the production to the printing - they do it all. And they're better than most t-shirts I’ve bought during my entire life! Honestly. (click here)

La-Gaellou: A fashion blog by a fashion freak that covers a whole bunch of fashion-related stuff which I’m sure many ladies can related to. (click here)

Plastic Pills: Necklaces, rings, keychains – these pills could become your next addiction, as they would say! They seem to be popping all over the place, so you’ll probably end up catching them at some point. (click here)


Gino’s blog: The blog of all blogs in Lebanon. The topics written range from restaurants to nightclubs to every single thing you would need to know about the country. Watch out for his weekly leaks. I still don’t know how he gets them. (click here)

Our man in Beirut: The name says it all really. He's our man. And he's in Beirut (most of the time). The man that became a reference to all bloggers has had the blog published into a top-selling book. You can’t help but admire his writing and achievements - despite his cynicism. The big giant is about to get bigger. (click here)

Yup, this is it: A brand new blog that’s already ticking all the right boxes when it comes to entertaining articles. She’s also decided to remain anonymous, so that makes it all the more enticing for the readers (but I know her. Ha!). (click here)

Haneen and the City: Haneen takes us through her daily adventures in Beirut city. Whether it’s the marriage issues or the traffic issues, you’re in for a good read and a good laugh.  (click here)

Beirut Rhapsodies: Something not many people know, but writing a post for her blog is what motivated me to start up my own blog. She encouraged me to do it. So I’m very grateful to her for that and the existence of her blog which has got so many posts that we can all relate to. (click here)

Plus 961: A blog that gives an insight into lots of different happenings in and around Lebanon. Pictures, reviews, stories and more…Lebanon has never felt so accessible. (click here)


Figo29: My favorite Football blog out there. Full stop. That should say enough about how highly I think of this guy's stuff. A true Football man. (click here)


Cliff Makhoul: A photographer with a big background in this field. With your support, he’ll get the recognition his work deserves. (click here)

Boudjok Photography: A photographer with the most recognizable beard in town. His pictures will leave you amazed! (click here)


Underrated Crew: A bunch of friends of mine that organize theme-parties regularly in Beirut. These guys will make you dance all night long. You’re in for a blast if you go to any of their events! Add them on Facebook and stay tuned as they keep you posted about what they're up to.  (click here)

Philip Yacoub: One of my closest friends, and also a TV anchor with MTV Lebanon...hence how I ended up on his TV show. (click here)


  1. Thanks Anthony!! I bet the second thousand likes are coming in no time ;)

  2. Postings are so helpful at all thank you very much all of this.

    Jelly Gamat

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