Friday, February 3, 2012

John Terry losses the captain's armband

Some thoughts about the whole John Terry saga. He’s lost the captaincy for the second time in 2 years for something that is, once again, unrelated to his Football. Here are some points:

1 - Innocent until proven guilty. That’s a very important aspect in this entire fiasco. John Terry, to date, has not been charged as guilty in this mess. Keep that in mind.

2 - Correct me if I’m wrong, but it took the FA about 2 months to punish Luis Suarez over his racism issue with Patrice Evra (rightly or wrongly, that’s a topic which has been debated over and over again, and will continue to go on until the end of time). The point I’m trying to make is why is the John Terry case given until after the Euros to be resolved whereas Suarez’s situation was dealt with in 2 months? As opposed to the much more complex Suarez situation, there is actual footage of Terry’s slur at Anton Ferdinand (click here). Different set of rules for English players I suppose?

3 - John Terry has got to stop getting himself into these situations. You just need to look at his past record to know that he has a record for causing trouble: cheating on his wife (with his friend’s wife, without mentioning the whole super-injunction aspect of it), being accused of racism, being fined for mocking the  September 11th attacks…etc. The man has always been surrounded by controversy on and off the pitch. So you’ve got to admit the man puts himself into these situations most of the time.

4 - On the field, only Chelsea fans seem to be oblivious to this, but Terry’s performances have been mediocre to say the least. It’s fair to say that Rio Ferdinand is not the same player he was a couple of years ago, but I think Terry’s decline has not been any better. The only difference in Rio’s case is that injuries have dampened his performances. What is Terry’s excuse? He is undeniably getting old (31) and his heroic-like performances are becoming few and far between. When once he had the ability to encourage an entire team, it seems like now he’s lost that power and influence - particularly with England. I always believed that Terry was made to look good in the past thanks to Carvalho or whoever was next to him (and I still do believe that at times), but Terry has been very poor of late and Chelsea’s defensive record this season is another justification of that (remember this?). Terry’s absence to the England line-up, if indeed he's not included, would not be as big a blow as people imagine because he is a shadow of his former-self.

5 - The captaincy is a big deal in England. In other top Footballing nations, the importance of the captain’s role isn’t as publicized as it is England. The England captain is viewed as a role model. Perhaps because England don’t have much to celebrate, so taking pride in the captain's armband is important to the nation, but whatever the reason, that’s how it has always been. I think that’s wrong. No footballer should be a role model for anybody out there in my eyes. If I had a child, I’d rather he looked up to Football managers instead of players. They're the real brains out there. John Terry and all footballers should not, at any point, be considered as a role models.

6 - The FA seem intent on having "role models" as captains. Or rather, they seem to promote captains as "role models". If the FA want to keep any sort of respect to the armband that they cherish so much, they've got to select a man who has got the spirit, guts and determination on the pitch, as well as the right publicity off it. Scott Parker is that man. An absolute warrior on the pitch and surprisingly enough for an English player, he doesn’t cause any trouble off it. He can lead the team and grab games by the scruff of the neck. A typical old-school English footballer despite his age. If anything, giving the captaincy to a player like Parker would only enhance his ability and determination. It could happen, especially as he’s an invaluable member of a team that have become a “top-4” side these days. Giving it to any other media-darling will only create another mess at some point in the future.

7 - What does this mean for John Terry's future as an England player? Can he actually partner Rio Ferdinand (if Rio is selected) in the centre of that defence knowing that Rio’s brother is the player accusing him of racism? I’ve read stories about England players over the past 15 years or more dividing themselves within the camp whenever controversy has stirred up. This will be no different. There’ll be plenty of them in the squad who’ll form a Pro-Terry brigade and there’ll be others who’ll form a Pro-Ferdinand (Anton/Rio) brigade. It’s bound to cause conflicts. His position has become untenable. I would not be surprised at all if John Terry announced his retirement from international Football sooner than expected.

8 - Where the hell is Capello? He’s the England manager, he should speak out at times like these. This just goes to show how much power the England manager has. Not much, in case you were wondering.

9 - Instead of allowing himself to be stripped of the captaincy, why didn’t John Terry (knowing that there was an entire case about to potentially blow in his face) stand down from the captaincy himself? He could have stepped down and easily issued a statement to defend his position, whilst at the same time relieve himself, the FA, his team-mates from the media circus that we’re seeing today.

10 - You've got to be a bit of an idiot to lose the England captaincy twice in 2 years.

(I imagine the only people who'll disagree with this are those who support, or sympathize, with Chelsea)


  1. He should quit international football.

  2. No wonder why the English team never makes it in international competitions...

  3. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.