Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You!

That was fun, wasn’t it? We celebrated the blog’s 1 year anniversary yesterday with a Football quiz at Charlie’s Bar in Gemayze. I’ve been told that it might have been the first ever Football quiz in Lebanon. If that’s the case, then we should be really proud of that achievement! (Don’t know if that’s true though, but I hope it is!). It wasn't very professional or perfect, I know there were some mistakes. But anyways, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some people without whom this event wouldn’t have happened:

- Charlie’s Bar, who allowed us to host the event and drink all those shots for free.

- Elie, Samar and Mony, the 3 bartenders, who all came early to help this event go smoothly.

- Fly Foot, the blog’s sponsors, for coming along and bringing some of their people to the event - as well as their cool poster.

- Joe Mokbel for bringing the microphone, even though it didn’t work. I apologize to everyone for the lack of a microphone and if you couldn’t hear me at times. We had the mic with us but it just wasn’t working for some reason, so my throat did the best it could.

- Jean-Yves Chahwan and Anis Tabet for keeping track of the points.

- Talia Souki for filming everything during the entire event.

- That Roma fan (Peter was his name I think?) for his hilarious answers.

- Those who drank, I hope you enjoyed the shots and the rest of your evening!

- Those who chose the points, it was a tough challenge and there could only be 3 winners - so I’d like to congratulate Ali Kassem, who answered the highest number of questions and wins the jersey of his choice, Philip Yaacoub, who came in second place and wins the Football DVD of his choice and Farouk Ghneim who finished in third place and wins the Football scarf of his choice.

- Last, but not least, a huge Thank You to every single one of you for coming to the event and for your general support of the blog over this past year!

I’m still surprised that there were no Real Madrid or Bayern Munich supporters at the event - but you all made up for their absence. We may have our differences as supporters with the teams we love and hate, and rightly so, but it's our love for the game that brings us together and I was really happy to see how much you know about the clubs you love! I hope I’ll be able to organize another quiz soon. If so, I’ll make it a bit harder… ;). What do you think?

P.S: I’m going to post a video soon of the event, once it’s up, share it with everyone!

P.S.S: I'm going to organize a 32-player FIFA 12 tournament soon. Will keep you all posted!


  1. no bayern munich fans?? What a disgrace!!:P

  2. Sounds like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Supernova, I hear the second year is even better ;)

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