Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dexter Rosales - modern day football scam!

A while ago I wrote a post about Ali Dia, the greatest scam the Premier League (and probably world Football) had ever seen. To think that such an event could occur in one of the world's best leagues is unthinkable in this day and age with the internet and all other forms of communication; but it seems that some people out there have had their own attempt at hoaxing a football club and it has worked.

Australian football club Adelaide United recently announced that they had two top talents joining their club on trial. Firstly they said that Fabio Ferreira (ex-Chelsea) was joining the club on trial, which is all fine and secondly they said that a player called Dexter Rosales, who was supposedly an ex-Ajax, Valencia and River Plate player, would be joining them.

A club statement said: "Their pedigree is good and we've got to cast the net far and wide, so they'll come here on trial and we'll have a look at them. Rosales has been recommended to us and he's paying his own way here".

Now this is where the story gets funny. There is no Dexter Rosales. He doesn't exist. Apparently some hoaxers on the internet created a player profile on Wikipedia as well (with the picture of a former Ajax player called Mauro Rosales) and went on to send letters to Adelaine United to get a trial. They provided fake reports, recommendation letters, testimonies...the whole pack, which the club ridiculously fell for and actually announced publicly. Apparently they made this guy sound so good that the club didn't even need actual evidence to give him a trial. That's how bloody precise everything they provided must have been!

They've had to state an apology to all saying "it has been a strange few days with all the speculation around this mystery man - it doesn't look great from our end. We're not the first club to be given a false lead with a supposed trialist, but other clubs probably just don't promote it to the world like we did."

To add insult to the injury - Ajax, Valencia and River Plate all released statements to confirm that there has never been a Dexter Rosales to have ever played for their clubs. Ouch!

Ali Dia must be feeling really proud now!


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