Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The return of AVB

He must be rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of returning to the Premier League. Andres Villas-Boas signed a 3-year contract with Tottenham 
yesterday to replace the bizarrely sacked Harry Redknapp in what seems like a bold move by the White Hart Lane board. Will he succeed? Will this move flop? Will they give him more time than Chelsea did?

A lot of questions will be asked of AVB at the start of his Spurs tenure but he will be a man with a point to prove. A young and enthusiastic manager, AVB was thrown in the deep end when he took over at Chelsea - a club surrounded by massive egos and a Russian owner ready to chop anyone's head (the same man that sacked Jose Mourinho 2 months into the 2007-08 season). Within 8 months of his time at Stamford Bridge, and whilst trying desperately to impose his rules and style of play, he was shown the back door and Chelsea never looked back by going on to win the Champions League and the FA Cup while AVB was left flat on his behind.

Most Blues' fans think very lowly of the young Portuguese manager, but his track record speaks for itself and Daniel Levy will have done his homework well enough to know that AVB is a man with long-term plans and should be given time. That very "time" is something that was given to Redknapp before him and which he will benefit from. AVB's failures at Chelsea will now have given him invaluable experience about how to handle the Premier League and its press vultures when his side's backs will be up against the wall. He will be a stronger man and a better manager because of his failure at Chelsea that's for sure.

He's taking over a side that has the potential to reach incredible heights but was often limited by Redknapp's refusal to alter a winning formula by keeping his motto of "if something isn't broken, then don't fix it" while waiting for his players' legs to wear out during the course of a season.

AVB will do it right I think. Whether Modric stays or leaves isn't even a problem for him given that, truth be told, over the past few months his form has been mediocre. This new page of Spurs' future is going to be an interesting one. Time will tell whether AVB will finally prove his doubters in England wrong...

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