Monday, August 13, 2012

Predictions 2012/2013

Tell your significant others to start making way because our true love is coming back and is already kicking. The season has now kicked off and is only going to steamroll further from this point onward. So allow me to present my predictions for the upcoming season, and I'm looking forward to yours too. Bear in mind that like with everything, the emphasis is more on English Football than other leagues, so I will do my best to adjust that (warning in advance, it won't work):

English Premier League Winners:

As tight as it may be, and since superstition won't allow me to bet on my favorites, I'm going to have to go with Chelsea winning it. For the simple reason that, of all the usual suspects, they've got the most depth in their squad. Whisper it too, but I think Arsenal are in with a good shout too and City will obviously be defending their title with their lives. 

English Premier League relegated teams:

Swansea'll go down with the second season syndrome blues hitting hard now that life's going to be without Brendan Rodgers. Reading are the second team I'd expect to go down and finally, one of the regulars in the league has got to vanish, and I'm going for Sunderland.

English FA Cup Winners:

It's about time Tottenham won something, so I'll bet on them.

English Carling Cup Winners:

Speaking of teams bound to winning something, Arsenal's trophy-laden period will end with the Carling Cup...I think.

English Premier League top goalscorer:

It'd be easy to say RVP, but given the fact that his future is still unresolved, someone with a steady presence is going to do it this year, and Sergio Aguero is the one that comes to mind.

English Premier League PFA Player of the year:

Not that this award does justice to any player or season, but I'm going to stick my guns out and guess that it'll be an English player, Wayne Rooney.

English Premier League PFA Young Player of the year:

Same as above, it's almost always an English player, Kieran Gibbs.

Ligue 1 Winners:

Is it already a foregone conclusion? It's going to take a massive disruption for PSG to lose this title. It's pretty much theirs already.

Ligue 1 relegated teams:

Ligue 1 has always been so tight in terms of points, that teams lingering around 13th can find themselves in the top 5 spots within a week. So I'm going to just throw in names here - Troyes, Evian and Brest.

Ligue 1 top goalscorer:

Zlatan's going to walk with it as he always does.

La Liga Winners:

It would take a man of courage, balls made of steel (with loads of cash in them), and a person who's been living under a rock for the last few years, to bet against Real Madrid or Barcelona winning it. I'm going for Real Madrid retaining their title.

La Liga relegated teams:

Real Betis, Granada and Valladolid. All depends on who gets smashed the most by the Clasico boys.

La Liga top goalscorer:

Meh, Meh, Meh...Messi. Or Ronaldo.

Serie A Winners:

Despite Antonio Conte being hit with a heavy ban, I feel Juventus will successfully defend their title. They're investing in all the right places and in the right way, not to mention that they've instilled a belief that the whole world is conspiring against them - and that is something that creates a huge amount of strength within a team.

Serie A relegated teams:

Siena, Torino and Genoa.

Serie A top goalscorer:

Now that Zlatan's no longer in Italy, the door should open up for Cavani to improve on his season tally of last season. Di Natale should be in the top ones too, but Cavani's the man to keep an eye out for.

Bundesliga Winners:

Bayern Munich are going to bounce back with a vengeance - they always do. Never write them off.

Bundesliga relegated teams:

Too though to call. Nurnberg, SpVgg Furth and Augsburg.

Bundesliga top goalscorer:

Going to bet on Robert Lewandoski, though Huntelaar is a good option as well. 

Champions League Winners:

The final's at Wembley again and this time, I'm expecting Jose Mourinho to lead his Madrid troops all the way up to lift the trophy.

Europa League Winners:

Not too sure I can see past Bilbao doing it again, but if so, then just for the sake of it, Newcastle United.

Your go...


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