Saturday, November 24, 2012

Should the Premier League start in January? A mental idea by Arsene Wenger.

We all know he's had his tough times and still manages to get through them somehow, but I think Arsene Wenger must be losing the plot following his statements two days ago. Arsenal's legendary manager claimed that the English Premier League should follow the Chinese Super League and the MLS by starting the season in January and finishing it in December.

Wenger said: "I understand it looks completely strange as people have been educated in the current way, but I moved to Japan and the season was in January to November. We started training in January and after a while it was completely normal. The period of rest would be the same. It wouldn't change the number of games. You would not be confronted with these situations when players are playing in two different championships. You would play during the summer period in the best period for football to be played."

Not sure about the readers thoughts on this, but I think it's a mad idea. Wenger claims that players wouldn't be playing in two championships and I think this idea is mainly based on African players leaving for the Cup of Nations in January. But as opposed to recent seasons (or pretty much every season since Wenger took over at Arsenal), the club doesn't face an issue with losing key players to the cup of Nations. They only have 1 registered African player in Marouane Chamakh, so it's not even an issue.

There are some questions Wenger hasn't thought about it would seem. When would the World Cup or Euro Championships been played if this happened? He'd be working in line with Platini's ridiculous idea of having a World Cup in December for Qatar 2022 perhaps? Players can't play in those competitions as well as a league unless there's a "break" during the season for that, and even then, it would remove the importance of league games as players would be focused on the major international tournaments.

On top of that, imagine the Premier League started in January, then how would the Champions League work? Since the competition kicks off in September, wouldn't that mean the English clubs would have a disadvantage as they'd be reaching the end of the season and on their last tired legs whereas the others are at the start of theirs (ex: Russian clubs)? If this happened in England, then it'd have to be applied everywhere else.

It's a radical idea and I'm pretty sure most players would disagree with it knowing that their holidays would now be in Winter rather than Summer (since I'm pretty sure that's their main concern). A winter break in England is a possible solution, but changing the entire system like this isn't. Wenger's usually got some great ideas at times, but this one is just wrong in every possible way and shouldn't even be considered as a possibility.

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