Friday, December 7, 2012

Euro 2020 will be a multi-nation - UEFA are fools!

A lot has changed in football down the years, but nothing more so than when it comes to the politics that take place behind closed doors as well as the influx of money that has taken over the sport. Yesterday that was demonstrated in abundance. UEFA and the lovely geniuses (sense the tone) that run the organization decided that Euro 2020 would be held in numerous cities across cities.

These half-brained money-grabbing morons have decided that Michel Platini's idea is a good one and will be used. Here's why it's a ridiculous idea:

  • Normally the host nation of an international tournament is automatically qualified for the tournament. So what happens when 10 countries are hosting it? How the hell do they all qualify? Or will ALL nations have to qualify?
  • Europe 2020, followed by Qatar 2022. This just sounds wrong. What next? Asia 2026 for the World Cup after that?
  • If I'm not mistaken, the original format of the Euro Championships was like this. Games of the first phase would be played all over the continent and then (I think) the Semis and Finals would be in one nation. But if they changed it back then, there must have been a reason.
  • Apparently this was done to avoid having Turkey as a host nation (since they're apparently going to be hosting the Olympics in 2020). Don't know about you guys, but firstly Turkey would have made a great host - their stadiums are awesome as is their country.
  • Basically it's just the Champions League format but for international teams. It kills all the excitement.
  • How will fans just keep travelling between countries in Europe over a month? The only ones who can afford that are the wealthy fans and we all know what having wealthy fans (only!) at a stadium can do to the atmosphere.
  • The whole charm of an international tournament is the fact that fans go to 1 country (hear that UEFA, ONE country) and grasp its culture and mix with other fans during the month. This just kills that.
  • I don't see how this can be good for smaller nations. If they have to qualify (which they won't), but games take place in their countries, how rubbish would that be?
  • It sounds like a roadshow more than a football tournament: "coming soon to a City near you - Europe 2020". Ikh....
  • Now just wait for the bidding war over who's going to host the semi-finals and finals. UEFA doesn't care about money. Ha ha ha.


  1. Seems like u also forgot to mention what this can do to players having to travel each 2-3 days for each game!

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