Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Morning Barcelona fans!

Good Morning Barcelona fans! It feels like a bad dream, doesn't it? But I'm glad it's happened to you guys. For all the talking you've been blabbing out over the past few months, it's quite refreshing to see a team shut you up fair and square. This post is only for Barcelona fans (AC Milan - the whole world is praising you and so am I, but let's focus on the Catalans for now...).
Here I'll console all you "cules" with some positive thoughts that will make you feel great:

  • The game isn't over, there are still 90 minutes to go and Barcelona 3 - 0 AC Milan doesn't sound impossible. Everyone knows that. It might probably happen, but for now let the rest of the football world enjoy the fact that Barcelona have just been beaten in the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League.
  • You were beaten by a team that was disciplined and did their jobs right. Isn't it better than getting beat by a team that has a red card early in the first half and that you are leading 2-0 against in second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League at home, only to then squander it completely? Just saying...think positive.
  • You're winning the league, which is great guys! Breathe. You are still going to see success this season.
  • You might win the Copa de Rey too - which is great as well!
  • Lionel Messi was awfully quiet last night, which is a good thing because now he can score his usual doubles against a team like Sevilla when it really matters.
  • Your away jersey is like a sunrise, which is great too! But in your case this morning it's more like a tequila sunrise as this must feel like a horrible hangover when you can't remember what happened to you the previous night. Pretty sure you don't need a reminder now.
  • The risk I'm taking in writing this is "big" in the sense that if my team (for those who know who I support) lose in any of their next games then the same Barcelona fans who bash me often will be making even more noise - which will be a great moment of banter between us. But fear not, I have a response to you guys - I, like most other normal football fans, don't gloat about the team I support being the greatest thing in the world since the first ever Pizza in Sardinia. So I accept defeat quite easily. This should be a lesson in humility to all Barcelona fans (especially the ones that started watching only recently).
  • Barcelona fans are eternally positive and confident (to avoid the use of another term that starts with "A" and ends with "rrogant") about their team's abilities...which is, once again, great! I asked for predictions of the game on the blog's Facebook page and the responses were interesting (nobody predicted a Milan win).
  • I've been called so many names by Barcelona fans over the past few months. Receiving hilarious inbox messages asking me to stop "making fun" of Barcelona or else (insert horror movie sound here)...So it's giving me even greater pleasure to write this.
Guys, this is banter. It's part and parcel of being a football fan. Take it, enjoy it, make of it what you will. If your team is hated, they're doing something right. But for now, your team is not hated for doing something right. They're hated for the noise your fans make in attempting to prove to other football fans that you are "mes que un club" and that nothing else matters....which is great, isn't it?



  1. Great article. Love it.
    There are many terms that start with A and describe Mess...oh, I mean barca fans.

  2. FINALLY YOU GOT TO WRITE THIS ARTICLE !! you really had to keep it in for a while..

  3. If you did not mention "the ones who started watching recently", I would have killed you. A Barca fan, a real one, knows the exact meaning of dark ages. We used to have 8 players from Holland in the starting lineup. We used to tremble before meeting Valencia or even Sevilla. This team is the real evolution of Barcelona as it is the right interpretation of patience and faith. Last night's game is a shock, and no, it is not a great day to be alive for a real Barca fan. For those so called Barca fans saying "basita" (in Lebanese), I tell them: GO AWAY GLORY HUNTERS! It is not "Basita" as you have never lived the dark ages and will never know the meaning of waiting to win a Champions League title or having a team that can be trusted.

  4. Barcelona 4-0 AC MILAN, WHAT NOW FAGGOT?

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