Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Champions League round of 16 comments

Let's give this a try. I'll post some short thoughts about the Champions League round of 16 matches and the more games are played, the more I'll update this post and share it on the active social networks. So let's start off with...

Valencia vs PSG
1st leg (February 12th): 1-2

A priceless away victory for Ancelotti's men. This will put them in buoyant mood ahead of the return leg. Two away goals to take back home, they couldn't have asked for more. The Parisian squad had a few experienced heads, but it was their most experienced player in the competition who ended up being the villain. Pastore and Lavezzi put the French side ahead and were looking in cruise control before a lapse of concentration at the back allowed Valencia to pull a goal back late on. But PSG will be furious at the sending off of Zlatan for his moments of madness and they better hope that it doesn't cost them dearly in the second leg. Valencia need to win by 2 clear goals to go through. Can it happen? It's unlikely.

Celtic vs Juventus
1st leg (February 12th): 0-3

I must say I was hoping that Celtic would get a result. Mainly because I have some close friends who are Juventus supporters and have been making a bit too much noise. However, based on their display last night, the noises they've been making have been justified (albeit against Celtic). It was like watching bhoys against men (Yes, the H is put there purposely). It was watching determination against class. Celtic pressured and put in a hard shift, but Juventus showed that efficiency is the name of the game. Celtic had more possession, but had no clue what to do with the ball when they had it. Juventus only had 4 shots on target (out of 5) and scored 3. If that's not being efficient, I don't know what is. Conte's men can rest at ease for the second leg because they're through to the Quarter-finals now. Juventus were simply superior in most departments on the field and made good use of the ball when they had it. There will be no miracle in Turin. Game over.

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