Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly round-up - 9/10 February - it's all about gaps

The weekend round-up is going to be shifted to the blog’s site from now on. So unfortunately for you, you will have to make the massive effort of clicking on a link that will lead you here if you want to read them. Here we go:

  • First thing’s first, I think all football fans should spare a thought for Paul Gascoigne who is in intensive care following yet another alcoholic relapse. Hopefully Gazza will make it through.
  • Nigeria are the Champions of Africa for the 3rd time in their history following their 1-0 victory over Burkina Faso! Come on you Super Eagles!
  • Juventus beat Fiorentina 2-0 and steered 5 poins clear of Napoli (2nd) following their 1-1 draw with Lazio (3rd). Alessandro Matri’s goal for Juve was a great finish with his boot flying off in the process to add to Mirko Vucinic’s goal.
  • AC Milan drew 1-1 with Cagliari. Balotelli scored from the penalty spot again to spare Milan’s blushes and he also had an amazing bicycle kick disallowed. I still believe the Rossoneri will finish in 3rd because a Champions League without a club like AC Milan is just a poorer competition. Meanwhile despite my silly predictions about AC Milan, Inter won 3-1 vs Chievo and leapfrogged AC Milan into 4th position and are in with a shout to finish in the top 3 as well.
  • I did not watch it. I do not know how it happened. But Borussia Dortmund lost 4-1 at home to Hamburg and I would love for someone to give me details about that game because the result is probably the most shocking one of the weekend. Probably…:).
  • Bayern Munich strolled to a 4-0 win over Shalke with David Alaba scoring a double. They now lead the Bundesliga by 15 points. The title is all well and wrapped up preparing for its presentation at the Allianz Arena come May. I’m just wondering how much Pep Guardiola can improve an already invincible side in Germany.
  • Real Madrid 4-1 Sevilla. Barcelona 6-1 Getafe. Ronaldo 3 goals. Messi another goal. The history continues. The gap between Atletico Madrid and Barca is now 12 points, thanks to Atletico Madrid losing 2-1 to Rayo Vallecano. It was used as a reminder to everyone that Barca have now got one hand on the title, because I think we all agree that Barcelona just can’t and won’t let go of such a huge lead.
  • In France, Lyon took a huge blow to their title hopes with a 3-1 defeat against against Lille, whereas Zlatan St Germain beat Bastia 3-1 to open up a 6 point lead. Marseille were held to a 1-1 draw against Evian in a match which saw them have 2 players sent off.
  • In the Premier League, Chelsea beat Wigan 4-1 at home and Benitez could finally breathe a sigh of relief following their run of 4 matches without a win. Arsenal beat Sunderland 1-0 away from home, whereas Totten-Bale beat Newcastle 2-1 with a double from you know who.
  • I was kidding about Dortmund being the shock result of the weekend. Manchester City lost 3-1 to Southampton and virtually handed the title to Manchester United who won 2-0 against Everton.
  • A 12 point gap between the 2 Manchester clubs has now been opened, similarly to La Liga (between Barca and Atletico Madrid). The big difference in both leagues is that Barcelona would never let go of such a lead at the top, they don’t make mistakes. Manchester United do and could let go of such a lead. United have been on the other end of the spectrum before; being behind by 12 points to Newcastle United in 1995/96 in March 1996 and then went on to win it, so City won’t have given up yet…particularly with last season in mind. 


  1. Messi 1 goal in the 6-1 win, and the 15 point gap in Germany in addition to the 12 point gap in England, are just a couple of examples why La Liga is not any different at this moment in time.

  2. About the dortmund hamburg game ... it was a rafael van der vart trick to exagerate a little bit the intrication between him and lewandowski to get the latter sent off.
    With subotic and schmelzer out plus blazcykowski playing as a makeshift left back and ten men vs eleven .. it was a long shot for dortmund. Gotta admit that even as a bayern fan I wanted dortmund to win that one specially before their CL tie. Then again RVDV was a class act in midfield and together with Marcel Janssen on the wing they exploited the spaces left by BVB.

    As for bayern I gotta admit Pep won't find it easy to improve such a complete team.. I hope he does though.
    Schweinsteiger free kick was a joy to watch as is the samba celebration with Dante afterwards( you have to see it). Alaba is proving to be one hell of a LB and is even looking even better than Captain P.Lahm when running forward to support Ribery. Plus Gomez is back with a goal and an assist in his first match in the starting XI.

    P.S: yesterday on google + , an open funny online meeting was held between Schweinsteiger , Thomas Muller , Podolski and Per mertesacker before the CL tie of Arsenal vs Bayern. It was pretty funny to read how they teased each other . For the interested persons check it out it's worth it.

    Jeff Karam.

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