Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Managerial vacancies and moves 2013/14

Below is the list of managerial vacancies and changes so far for next season 2013/14 in Europe's top leagues. This is ridiculous.

Have I forgotten anyone? Has there ever been this many vacancies and new managers in the lead up to a new season? This is a sign of what modern football is slowly becoming.

- Manchester United: David Moyes
- Manchester City: ?
- Chelsea: Jose Mourinho?
- Everton: ?
- Stoke: ?
- Inter Milan: Walter Mazzarri 
- Napoli: Rafa Benitez
- Real Madrid: ?
- Real Sociedad: ? 
- Rayo Vallecano: ?
- Malaga: ?
- Levante: ? 
- Espanyol: ?
- Elche: ?
- Athletic Bilbao: ?
- Bayern Munich: Pep Guardiola 
- Werder Bremen: Robin Dutt
- PSG: Ancelotti staying or leaving? 

Here's a little piece of information that'll show how sad the state of managers has become - in England, at the current rate, Alan Pardew (Newcastle United manager since December 2010, 2 years and a half ago) is the 2nd longest serving manager behind Arsene Wenger. Nice...

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