Friday, May 3, 2013

The managerial merry-go-round shall begin soon

The 2012/13 season is almost coming to a close and the destiny of many managers is about to be sealed. Whereas normally players transfers dominate the headlines throughout the summer period, this year there's a feeling that it's the managers who'll be going all over the place. Let's go over the ones that might/will be leaving their clubs.

We'll start with the most obvious one Rafa Benitez, who'll definetely be leaving Chelsea at the end of the season. So the Chelsea hotspot will be free as Benitez's potential suitors will be waiting to see his next move.

Then we've got the big teaser Jose Mourinho who's given out all the possible hints that he's leaving Real Madrid this summer to go back "where he feels loved". One can only assume a return to Chelsea (or perhaps Inter Milan?) is on the cards. And that will leave the impossible job of being Real Madrid manager open.

Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with moves away from PSG despite his success there in his short time at the club. If that does happen, one can only assume that the PSG managerial position will go to one of Europe's leading managers with Champions League experience.

Bayern Munich meanwhile stated that Jupp Heynckes would be retiring at the end of the season and would be replaced by the managerial magician that is Pep Guardiola. However, Heynckes recently stated that he isn't sure he'll be retiring and doesn't want to rule out taking over another club. Some people forget that Heynckes was the manager of Real Madrid during the 1997/98 and he won them the Champions League (that's more than a lot of managers can boast at the Bernabeu), so a return there shouldn't be deemed as unlikely. We've seen Madrid hire ex-managers quite often as soon as they become the cream of the crop (ex: Capello, Del Bosque, Di Stefano, Toshack...).

Elsewhere, it feels like Robert Mancini has an outside chance of leaving Manchester City and if he does, there'll be huge pressure on whoever takes over at the Etihad Stadium. Not from the fans, but from the owners and their kitty box. However, City's future manager will have the added incentive of simply passing the group stage in the Champions League, a feat that Mancini has been unable to do in the 2 seasons that he's taken them to the competition.

Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea are probably the 4 clubs with the most money to spend in European Football at the moment. They're also the 4 clubs with ruthless owners that get rid of any manager that doesn't succeed as they wish. So those are the 4 that'll ring the managerial changes and probably swap between each other:

Guardiola to Bayern Munich
Heynckes or Ancelotti to Real Madrid
Mourinho to Chelsea
Benitez to Manchester City
Mancini to PSG

Outsiders that could move to these clubs: Manuel Pellegrino, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp.

Does this make any sense to any one else?


  1. Word around the watercooler is that Pellegrini will go to Man City, and Arsene Wenger will not go anywhere at all.

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