Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why Ronaldo won't leave Madrid this summer

It seems as though Cristiano Ronaldo's noises have led numerous football fans around the world to believe that Portugal's prodigal son may be on his way out of Real Madrid. The rumors have intensified over the past few days which have linked him with moves to Manchester United, Manchester City, Monaco, PSG and Chelsea. But truth be told, he's probably going to end up staying in Spain and here's why.

First of all, Ronaldo's been in this position before. Wanting to leave the club he's playing for in order to feel "happier" (translation: earn more money) and to take the next step in his career (translation: he's gotten bored). He did that at Manchester United in the summer of 2008 despite the club winning a double (league and CL victories). His hints were always about him leaving but never directly stating it. He teased everyone for a good 3 months during that summer with sentences like "I'm happy here, but only God knows the future"...etc. The sort of useless comment a footballer makes to get the men with the big bucks dreaming about bringing out their checkbooks. Back then he ended up staying one more year and the following season got his dream move to Madrid. So this sort of talk has been seen before by the man and it's a great attention-grabbing tactic to point over to everyone interested that he could potentially leave Madrid in the future.

Second of all, Ronaldo's team (which includes the monster that is Jorge Mendes) make big moves happen almost immediately once a genuine interest is revealed. So far, nobody has made an official bid for Ronaldo and it is important to note that Ronaldo still has 2 more years left on his contract. So, being the geniuses they are, Ronaldo's team (Mr. Mendes) will allow the player to reach the final year of his contract. Why would he do that? Well, that way the move is entirely in his hands. If he wants to leave, the club won't allow him to leave for a small fee but rather for a gigantic one (even though there's only a year left on his contract). So Ronaldo wins, his team of agents win and Madrid win. And if he wants to stay, he can corner the club into offering him a massive contract or run the risk of losing him the following year...for free. Makes sense, doesn't it? Why leave the club when your value to them isn't at its peak (financially speaking only)?

The idea of Ronaldo signing an even bigger contract at Real Madrid could obviously materialize and if that happens, be sure that it'll only increase his value as well as scare off any potential buyers. But just think of one thing. In a summer where Real Madrid lost out the battle to sign Neymar to Barcelona (a player they were consistently after for quite a while), lost the league title to Barcelona, lost their manager (who's still one of the best in world football), lost in the Champions League semi-finals to a team of under-rated stars and have just re-elected Florentino Perez as President, does anyone really believe Real Madrid really allow their prized asset to leave? I don't think so. Instead, we should expect Real Madrid to react in anger and make a huge statement of intent by signing someone to accommodate Ronaldo, rather than someone to replace him. Gareth Bale? Luis Suarez? Wayne Rooney? Zlatan?

Someone's joining Ronaldo this summer and not the other way around.


  1. Rooney to become the new Michael Owen at Real Madrid this summer.

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