Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reasons why Fabregas probably won't sign for Manchester United

Rumors have been rife lately that Manchester United are looking to sign Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona after missing out on Thiago. Here are a bunch of reasons why this move will NOT happen:

  • Aside from being a Barca boy through and through, in England Fabregas loves only Arsenal (though that means nothing in football nowadays). But more importantly, Arsenal love Fabregas and probably have a first refusal option involving any deal of Fabregas leaving Barcelona. If there was a potential for him to return to England, Arsenal would break the bank to take him back.
  • Why exactly would Fabregas leave a club he pushed so incredibly hard to join?
  • According to reports, Manchester United have offered  £26 million for Fabregas. Exactly why Barcelona would accept such a fee for a player they signed a couple of years ago for an estimated fee of close to 34 million doesn't make sense.
  • Barcelona just sold one of their key midfield men. Why would they sell another one? And especially such an effective one. Fabregas was involved in at least 22 goals for Barcelona last season. Let's not forget that, contrary to popular belief, Fabregas started 30 La Liga games. And just for your information, that's more than Xavi, Iniesta, Busquests and even Lionel Messi.
  • If anything Thiago was sold to get first-team football because of a player like Fabregas who is starting quite often.
  • Manchester United never, I repeat never, go public with a rumored bid for a player. Unless something has already been agreed, they won't just start dropping rumors out like this.
  • However, I strongly believe that this rumor was created from people within the club in order to prove that United are still intent on splashing the cash, but it won't be on Cesc. It's going to be on someone else. It was possibly generated in order to force the hand of another club that United are currently negotiating with for a transfer. By putting in a bid for Cesc, it's simply showing the other club in question that United do have other alternatives if they don't get their man at the right price. Modric?
  • The only way this move would make sense is if Rooney was involved in going in the other direction. That could be a possibility.
  • Here's the most important reason why this move won't happen. Fabregas lives in sunny beautiful Barcelona with a Lebanese woman from Meziara (the same town I'm from) who also happens to share the same family name as I do and to whom I am, apparently, related to. No Lebanese woman, especially from Meziara, in her right mind would leave sunny beautiful Barcelona to go and live in rainy, grey, Manchester. It's just not going to happen. Don't believe me? Ask any Lebanese woman out there what she'd choose between both and she certainly will give you a firm answer. She wears the trousers in that relationship...be sure of that.

    (This article would be absolutely pointless if United go on and sign Cesc...but the price will definitely have to be much higher than what's being spoken of). 


  1. I would add: Fabregas is a utility player who can take up many positions (no pun intended) as a false nine, attacking midfielder, central one, winger, etc... Barcelona cannot afford losing a player of such capabilities.

    Else than that, I would not have written this article better. I loved the point about my gorgeous Daniella as it was one point I thought of when I heard the news. She is also Shakira and Antonella (Messi's girlfriend - not sure about spelling) friend and they spend their times together, so she won't just accept moving away.

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