Thursday, July 11, 2013

The biggest fraudster football has ever known

Special thanks to Paul Gorra for sending over this video.

You MUST watch the clip below FULLY. I'm trying to understand how and why this story hasn't gotten the coverage it deserves. This is what happened to Notts County, the oldest football club in the world, when they were taken over by a supposed Middle Eastern "billionaire".

Football is a shady business these days and clubs never know who they can come across. Some institutions like the F.A have a "fit and proper person test" to identify whether or not the people taking over the clubs are actually able to run the clubs - on every possible level, especially financially. But in the case of Notts County, they were faced with someone that no other football club has ever been faced with. A fraudster who stole a football club and broke a bank....

I won't spoil the documentary for you. Watch this. Share this. It deserves a lot more attention that it's ever gotten.



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