Sunday, September 29, 2013

Is this going to be Arsenal's season?

A few months ago I wrote this article for STC Sports (click here) claiming that this season was Arsenal's best chance in ages to win a trophy and especially the league title. We're almost 2 months into the new season and Wenger's men are sitting at the top of the league while the rest of the top clubs are floundering around them.

David Moyes' start at Manchester United has been the worst the club has had to endure in its Premier League history. Manuel Pelligrini and Manchester City, despite all their millions, are still capable of shooting themselves in the foot. Jose Mourinho seems to be his own worst enemy as he's not making a great deal of friends on his return to Stamford Bridge. The verdict is still out on AVB at Spurs and Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, but they've both started their campaigns decently. 

So bearing all this in mind, Arsenal seem to have steadied their own ship. Their fans are actually happy, the team seems to have gelled and by the looks of things there's a good vibe around the place. It may not be evident, but most Arsenal fans around the world are secretly asking themselves if "this is really it". Are Arsenal finally going to break their trophy drought this season? The future's looking bright if they can sustain what they've currently got.

Signing Mesut Ozil was probably the biggest surprise of all, but that isn't the only thing that's boosted their chances significantly. Aaron Ramsey has been a revelation this season so far and is looking like a completely different player to the one we've seen over the past few years. However, the true unsung hero of their current line-up in my opinion is Mathieu Flamini. It's been a while since the Premier League has had a battler in the Keane/Vieira mold running the show on the pitch and doing the dirty work, but Flamini has been doing it very well since his return to Arsenal and his determination seems to be spreading all across the pitch. This Arsenal is a different one to what we've previously seen.

We've all mocked them long enough but the encouraging signs are there for Wenger. If he can keep the team performing at this level (on all fronts), they might pull off a surprise. Let's see how things go, but for now Gooners have every right to feel confident.


  1. yes we are confident, and we're pretty sure that this is our season :)

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