Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Been there before - Joe Hart is NOT that good

I remember last season I wrote this post (click here) stating that Joe Hart was not THAT good. Not sure how many of you recall it, but I also remember receiving a lot of criticism for daring to say anything wrong about England's number 1. Well, 50 weeks later, we're back with the same topic but this time thankfully, it seems it's becoming something that everyone else is now seeing as well.

In the past 10 months Joe Hart has made more blunders than any other top goalkeeper I can think of. His form seems off and his errors have been proving it time and time again. Below are a few clips that simply justify what I said a year ago. To say I'm pleased is an understatement.

There are two common traits every single time he makes an error:
Firstly either the shot is being directed straight to him and he makes a mess of it or secondly he runs like a headless chicken out of his goal needlessly and players take advantage of his horrible decision-making.

James Morrison - Scotland vs England - August 2013

Frazier Campbell - Cardiff City vs Manchester City - August 2013 (apologies for the poor color, but please check Cardiff's 2nd goal, Campbell's first one of the game).

Andreas Wiemann - Aston Villa vs Manchester City - October 2013

All goals - Manchester City vs Bayern Munich - October 2013

All goals - Southampton vs Manchester City - February 2013

Fernando Torres - Chelsea vs Manchester City - October 2013 

Will England have the time to find a replacement before the World Cup in Brazil next year? Or are they going to go to yet another World Cup with yet another farcical goalkeeper? The latter seems very likely. 


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