Friday, October 4, 2013

Foolish predictions for 2013/14

Whenever anyone makes predictions, they're opening themselves up to the ridiculous criticism that may follow. So I'm about to give you all the chance to mock me at the end of the season as I'm going to give my take on the way I predict the season will end in all top leagues and the Champions League. Prepare yourself the biggest load of nonsense you might read this season.

Here we go:

The English Premier League:
The title is going back to London this year. But where, I have no clue. The top 4 will be divided between Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United. Yes, that's right David Moyes' boys will finish in the top 4 but won't win the league. I believe the 2 exclusions will be Manchester City and Liverpool.

Bundesliga:Dortmund will run out of steam. This is Bayern Munich's title again, especially considering that Lewandowski might be joining them in January or at the end of the season. It can only damage Dortmund's morale and chances. I obviously would prefer seeing Klopp winning it, but Guardiola's boys are just too good in Germany.

La Liga:With or without Messi, Barcelona are too strong for the rest of Spain. Tata has imposed his style and they're looking pretty damn good yet again. It's Barca's title to lose. Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid will obviously follow, but it won't be enough to take over the Catalans.

Ligue 1:Monaco may have spent millions, but when it comes down to it, so have PSG and they have got the experience and know-how to win the league title with this current squad. They'll do it again with Monaco breathing down their necks.

Serie A:Sorry Juventus, but it's not your title this time around. Napoli and Roma have strengthened considerably, and I believe that Juve will muster such a good run in the Champions League that it will affect the defense of their league title. It's going to Rafa Benitez or Rudi Garcia's title.

Champions League:This is a tough one. I can't see Bayern winning it again because nobody's ever done that since the new format of the CL. Barcelona look great in Spain, but are not unbeatable in Europe. Chelsea will probably self-implode under Mourinho. Moyes will keep learning his ways the hard way. Pelligrini will take City far (quarter-finals?) but their 'inexperience' will bite them. Wenger's squad is too thin to go the distance domestically and in Europe, he'll have to sacrifice something. Dortmund can't repeat their feat twice in a row. Juventus will go far (semis maybe?), but I just can't see an Italian team winning it yet with the squads that some of the other teams have.

This leaves me betting on 2 clubs to win it. PSG for the simple reason that I believe the draw was fair to them in the group stage and that it will continue that way as the season carries on, not because they are spectacular by any means; and Real Madrid because they have a certain Carlo Ancelotti who knows how to win this competition more than anyone else. The "decima" is eating the whole Bernabeau alive and he'll put an end to that.

Those are my predictions. Foolish, I told you. What are yours? 

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