Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wilshere is wrong and England are slacking

I'm not a fan of Jack Wilshere. I believe there is nothing special about him as player and even less as a person (from what I can assume). He's petulant on the pitch, he's always moaning, he's only 21 and has a child already (he was a father at 19 and you must be an idiot to be a father at that age - as most footballers are) and worst of all he thinks he's the real deal, especially since he was given the number 10 jersey at Arsenal (previously worn by legends such as Dennis Bergkamp and Paul Merson).
As a midfielder who has played almost 120 professional games he has only scored 6 goals and provided 19 assists in his young career which is a poor return for any player in that position having played that many games.

But most annoyingly of all, he talks a load of nonsense. So w
hen Adnan Januzaj of Manchester United was linked with being able to represent England, Wilshere said the following:

Now aside from the fact that obviously Januzaj never spoke publicly about this and was approached by the FA (and not the other way around), this sounds like Wilshere is obviously threatened by competition for places in the English squad and went on to make some quite ridiculous statements:

"If you live in England for five years it doesn't make you English". 

Wrong Jack. If a person has been living for 5 years in England, he may apply for naturalization. You know what that means? It means he can hold a British passport, have the same rights and privileges as any other British citizen and yes, it makes him, by law, English. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure Jack was celebrating when Mo Farah (Somali-born) triumphed at the London Olympics for Great Britain. Or does Jack feel like telling Mo Farah that he's not English as well?

"We have to remember what we are. We are English. We tackle hard, are tough on the pitch and are hard to beat".

What? England are hard to beat? Of course against San Marino you'll be hard to beat. But against top opposition like Spain, Italy, Germany or Brazil, England are about as easy to beat as any average European side. The fact that any English player or supporter is disillusioned into believing that England have a great side is the biggest part of the problem.

"We have great characters."

Yes. Wayne Rooney. Ashley Cole. Lovely characters. Every child's dream must be to shoot someone at a training ground, cheat on his wife publicly, or hold their club to ransom for a new contract. The word you're looking for Jack is "players" not "characters". England have some great players. As characters they are as despicable as cockroaches, as players very few of them are often pretty damn good.

"You think of Spain and you think technical, but you think of England and you think they are brave and they tackle hard. We have to remember that."

Wrong Jack. You think of Spain, you think of the World and European Champions. When any regular football fan (who isn't stuck in the EPL propaganda) thinks of England, they think of penalty failures, lack of tactics, no skill, underachievement and overhyping things before any major tournament.

Where's the problem with Jack's words?

Well, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and many more international countries have been naturalizing players to play for them, why don't England take that path? If a talented player like Cesc Fabregas (back when he was younger) was given the option of playing for England, would it have caused this much fuss? I'm sure all of England would have gladly added him on their ranks and rightly so. English society has accepted change for the past 30 years or so and this is evident in the Premier League more than anywhere else (67% of the league's players are foreign), so why is it that the English National side just doesn't want to evolve? Whether it's by sticking to being "hard" rather than becoming more "technical", or by refusing to naturalize any other players, England's National Team are proving to be one step behind the rest of the world when it comes to evolution in Football.


  1. "(he was a father at 19 and you must be an idiot to be a father at that age)"

    That disqualifies you, just as much as you hope to disqualify Wilshere here. Unbelievable how preassuming, generalizing and stupid a person must be to write this. To say it in your words: You must be an idiot to be able to write this.

    1. Says the anonymous writer who refuses to show his name :). Wilshere and all footballers are actually idiots to be fathers at that age. It doesn't disqualify anything. Prove me wrong.

    2. First of all, i don't see your signature anywhere, neither under your article, or should i say opinion, nor under this reply ;) Second, i dont think my name will change anything or contributes anything to the discussion.

      Again, you called every person on this world (not just footballers, read your own phrase), an idiot, having a child with 19. How is this not (1) generalizing, (2) preassuming, in the sense that you assume to know everybodys single life-situation, and (3) incredibly stupid, to think that you know enough about the world or life to make such a disrespecting comment.

      Also, i dont have to prove you wrong. You have to prove your thesis by proving that every footballer and every 19-year-old father is an idiot. The other way round this world would be a funny place my very narrow minded friend :)

    3. OK, i just saw you posted this under the name of Anthony. Well then Anthony, my name is John. I hope that helps you finding the truth :)

  2. Disagree with the pointers about his personal life (child, etc.), many players who have done much worse/accused of much much worse are great on the pitch. You want to talk Ballotelli? Benzema? Riberi? John Terry? Suarez? Footballers are humans too mate... plus your dislike of Wilshere should really have nothing to do with this article, in my opinion.

    Jackie is wrong about Januzaj of course, it depends on how you feel as a person, if you feel patriotic for that particular national side, then you play for them. However, the real point of most of this is who really cares about Januzaj? He has played two senior matches... I remember the same rave about Raheem Sterling... who then went through a burnout/dip in form (completely understandable).

    Plus the concept of England... England have always been average really over the years, they have never really showed any real consistency and have mostly entered most matches with an air of uncertainty. I don't think it has anything to do with nationalization, I feel that expectations are just too high of England and always have been. Reduce them, focus on the grass roots level of English football and I feel that this will result in considerable improvement within English football.

    Anyways, good article Anthony, enjoyed the read!

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  5. Why would you right this, I know people don't like him but seriously, that's a bit over the top... 'idiot to have a child at 19', how is he an idiot? Your disrespecting hundreds of people their!