Here are some of our friends that have got websites/blogs. Have a glance at some of their work. They aren't necessarily Football-related, but they're all definitely worth a read!

Let's talk about movies
If you're a movie-buff, this should be your daily bread.

World Football Columns
Interesting football articles from every corner of the globe.

News, photos and videos shared by a Beiruti for the whole world to see.

Green Wing Bird
A new blog with a daily insight to a song that'll get your mood swinging.

Five in Midfield
Articles about Football's forgotten heroes and much more.

Our Man In Beirut
An insight into the blog of a frustrated returning expat (his words, not mine).

Beirut Rhapsodies
Twenty-something girl having a laugh about a whole bunch of odd things.

Haneen and the City
A blog about a young lady's ideas, issues and other humorous topics.

Gino's blog
A blog that covers pretty much everything in Beirut from the nightlife to movies, it's all here.

Figo29's blog
A football blog by a football fanatic.

My Love For The Game
Bringing you the latest in World Football humor, news and opinion.

Yup, this is it.
Blushing's musings about life.

Just in Beirut
An Arsenal fan's ramblings about all this Football and everything else about Lebanon's capital.